Auto Steel Fitment Center Rubberising

What is Rubberising?

Rubberising is a protective Polyurethane lining sprayed onto the load bin of your vehicle to protect it from damage and to prevent items from sliding around.

When preparing your vehicle for application, our staff carefully cover your vehicle with a protective layer of plastic.

To prevent the lining from coming into contact with any part of your vehicle except the load bin. Then the load bin area is cleaned to ensure all dirt and other residue is removed to ensure a perfect application

After the Polyurethane lining is sprayed onto the load bin, with the specialised machinery we remove the protective layer and start finishing your vehicle.

The best quality products are used to ensure a perfect finish is achieved when applying the Polyurethane lining. Polyurethane lining can also be applied to old load bins to make your vehicle look new again,

So give our friendly staff a call @ 016 100 4578 or send a mail to, for quotes or enquires on fleet discounts.

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